Saturday, 23 April 2016

Recover images Snippet

As a side project for the archery club I'm a member of I've been looking at saving some stuff to Google Drive as a backup so I've been trawling the interweb for examples of how to upload backups weekly. I did find an old but interesting article but the images were broken :-(.

Then I got to thinking about how to recover them and clocked that the full size images which they linked to still existed so I cracked open Chrome's snippet pane and entered this as a new snippet:".no-line"), function(el, i){
    var img = el.querySelector("img");
    img.setAttribute("src", el.getAttribute("href"));

This way of sorting stuff is just so unbelievably powerful and is probably why my codeivate score is as low as it is... Why bother with a full on IDE when you can do most, if not all, of your work in the browser - all without worrying that your changes will affect anyone else?

Sunday, 17 April 2016

It's been an odd couple of days

I was working from home Friday afternoon when the phone rang. It was a teacher from #3’s school who I’d met once or twice and who had read a lovely poem at his funeral. It would’ve been the year he left school after doing his GCSEs this year so she wanted my permission to put something in this years Year Book; a photo and a poem or something. I said that was fine and forwarded her email to his Mum so she could also give permission.

That school has been lovely! I think that there’s some sort of memorial to him in the grounds somewhere but I’ve not been to see it. ‘Er indoors has and said it’s lovely, I think she might’ve even taken a picture and tried to show it to me but I turned away before I could see it so I can’t really remember.

Then Google showed me some pictures from 7 years ago that I’d taken whilst on we’d been on holiday in Tenby. We’d spent the day going to Caldey Island where we’d wandered around and I think I’ve got some aftershave from there - the number of times I shave it’ll probably outlast me!

That was odd as I was on the verge of slinging out a mug with World’s Greatest Dad on it that the boys had bought me while we were there. Seeing the utter failure I’ve been as a Dad meant it simply had to go, thankfully ‘er indoors persuaded me not to. There was a picture on the fridge that I also moved. It was of #2, #3, ‘er indoors and me at our wedding and I remember the photo being taken as I’d just had a go at #3 for carrying on alarming as he was tired. I’m not trying to remember him with rose-tinted glasses or anything, I just don’t want to remember telling him off.

He was a love but could also be a bugger! Goodness me, I miss him so much!

In the meantime I’ve got things growing in the car…

The picture above is from when I was leaving work on Friday afternoon, I thought I’d run into a bush but upon opening the door I looked into the gap and saw this:

I’m guessing it’s fine though. Life always find a way and it’s not down to me to remove it.