Tuesday, 20 December 2005

Rounded corners with tables

This is a test of creating rounded corners using tables. It took me ages but I figured out that I needed to define the first row even if it was 7 repititions of a 1 pixels block of the same colour. Browsers use that as a starting point for the rest of the table.

Basically what I've got here is a 3 by 3 table with each corner holding a 7 by 7 table with a nice progression that I worked out not so long ago whilst carrying out another project.

I've put it beneath but I think you'll be able to see the progression as being nice and consistent. I think so anyway.


This is just a test of the onChange thing for drop-down lists. It seems to work so far wink.

This is another way of doing it, from here:

Simple Corners

Four walls makes a house, four corners makes a rounded rectangle. That's all there is in this example.

Thursday, 15 December 2005

Cool buttons!


Created these with the amazing 80x15 Brilliant Button Maker. I had a nice txtdb one that is available on their site but I couldn't find one for MySQL, SQLite nor Ajax so I just had to make some. The MySQL one uses the colours from their logo. The SQLite one has the logos colour on the left and the default on the right. The Ajax one has the colour of the cleaning product logo, which is just red really wink! Excuse the table but that's the colour scheme on the old page where they were displayed and I wanted to do a nice mock-up of what I think they should look like. Except that the real page is residing on the server on my mac and the hosting here doesn't support SQLite and txtdb was so slow on here that I had to take it off sad...

The button maker is really cool and I'm well impressed. I found it as a result of messing around with the Stumbleupon plug-in for Firefox... I think that that is quite enough links for now!

I just couldn't resist this: drm

Friday, 9 December 2005

Slight Update

Updated Literature Review, (My tutor suggested that I password protect this, email me for access if you feel you really, really need to read it wink) gone back to Mellel as NeoOffice/J was sooooo slooooow it was painful! Besides, I figured out how to do foot-notes! And it produces pdf files as well! Not sure that I like foot-notes but they're not too bad an idea really.

Couple of nice icons which I've come accross as well, think they were from dA:


Also been using Inkscape on the good old Mac and I'm generally impressed. I used it to create the figures in the literature review and I like the mix of freehand stuff and the ability to get to grips with the underlying XML as well... particularly useful when you need to place things exactly in line and such like. I used to use it on the PC and used Sodipodi prior to that (I think Inkscape is a branch of the Sodipodi stuff...?), but now that it's available for the Mac I'm not looking back! Did crash a couple of times but you gets what you pays for and it's free wink!