Thursday, 31 August 2006

Fun obituary


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All your base...

All your base are belong to us

Saturday, 12 August 2006

Sunday, 6 August 2006

interesting bit of xml

<?xml version="1.0">        
<style id="1">

<style id="2">

<section text="Dominic R Myers">
<multiline text="07791005861"/>
<multiline text=""/>

<multiline text=""/>
<section text="Summary">
<multiline text="A creative technologist with a human side; happy with both
server and client side technologies, working on code or design
and more than happy to learn new techniques. I'm a psychiatric
nurse with ability to talk, and more importantly, to listen."/>
<section text="Skills">

<multiline text="advanced:">
<line>AJAX, CMS, DOM, HTML, JavaScript, ECMAScript, SVG, web, XML,
XMLHttpRequest, XHTML, DHTML, Web Standards</line>
<multiline text="skilled:">
<line>blogging, CSS, Data Architect, DBA, LAMP, MacOS, MySQL, PHP,
RDBMS, Web 2.0, Windows, Semantic Web</line>

<multiline text="newbie:">
<line>Apache, C, Information Architecture, JSON, Network Architecture,
ODBC, Programming, RSS, SQL, TCP/IP, VBScript, W3C, Web Services,
XML Schema, XSLT, XQuery</line>

<section text="Education, qualifications and training">
<multiline text="2001-2006">
<line>ARU - MSc Computer Science (distinction)</line>
<line>Dissertation title: "Little Bits of Changes: Comparing
traditional web applications with applications built using the
AJAX paradigm in the context of a module choice milieu within an
academic community"</line>
<line>Work also carried out on using JavaScript to parse OWL
ontology and generate an SVG image -</line>

<multiline text="1994-1998">
<line>ARU - BSc Professional Nursing Practice</line>
<multiline text="1993-1994">

<line>University of Sheffield - Foundation course in Art Therapy</line>
<multiline text="1991-1994">
<line>University of Sheffield - P2K diploma in MH nursing</line>

<section text="Experiences/achievements">
<multiline text="2005">
<line> - DHTML site using DOM-scripting</line>

<multiline text="2003-2004">
<line>Mike Hobbs - Research assistant working on semantic web and web ontology,
attended 6th international Protégé workshop</line>
<multiline text="2003-">
<line> - is my personal site and serves as a test bed for
various programming and artistic experiments</line>

<line> - CMS/blog example</line>
<line> - example of online gallery</line>
<line> - various other examples</line>

<multiline text="1998-">
<line>Fulbourn Hospital - working as RMN on acute admission ward</line>
<multiline text="1994-1997">
<line>Kneesworth House Hospital - worked as RMN within this private forensic
psychiatric hospital</line>


This is a rough of my own CV. Now I need to get SimpleXML to read this and put the right bits into FPDF and output the file... which should be easy enough really. Then I need a way of writing this type of XML to a database using a form... or something like that anyway... sorry, just mumbling to myself!

Saturday, 5 August 2006

Clever old stick


has been awarded


having followed an approved programme in



ModuleLevel% MarkCredits
Analysis and Design of Computer Systems48910.00
Design and Implementation of Software Systems47520.00
Logic and its Applications48510.00
Social and Ethical Issues in Computing46610.00
Computer Architecture45810.00
Development of Object Oriented Systems46920.00
Systems Analysis and Database Design46220.00
Networked Computer Systems47520.00
Database Administration46210.00
Intranets and the Internet46010.00
Postgraduate Independent Learning Module44810.00
Masters Project (30 credits)47130.00

Needless to say I'm pleased as a very pleased thing... now what to do next...?