Wednesday, 29 June 2005

Been a while

Seems like I should be getting paid by the city council to catch all the flies in Cambridge as I get off my bike after cycling to work and I'm covered in the buggers.

Went to the Midsummer fair (Been going 800 years... or so I was told...?) last weekend and had loads of fun... just a shame there seems to be bad blood between the travellers and the boaters on the Cam. Loads of boats ended moving from the common after all the nastiness last year.

Got a new canopy at long last:


Which means that I can sit out and read and see the ducks:


Still not got anywhere fast in terms of my dissertation but I'm working on an SVG canal lock, which should be cool as my youngest is doing a project on water... the link to it will appear here when I've finished.

Monday, 13 June 2005

Bruce Cahillane R.I.P.

So, farewell Bruce. It's always hard, I guess, not to resort to platitudes when someone you know dies... but sometimes platitudes are all that are left.

I liked Bruce and thought of him as my friend and I'll miss him. I only knew him at work and there I valued his presence on the ward and the times when his compassion would put me to shame.

Bruce cahillane

I know he had a rough time of things at times, and I think that that wasn't anything new really, but he always showed courage and sought with a vigour that puts many to shame to put things right again. I enjoyed chatting with him during the night - and I generally don't like talking to my fellow staff at all wink.

Tuesday, 7 June 2005

Strawberry Fair Spin

Well it was Strawberry Fair this past weekend and it was top-hole. Not quite so good as previous years and thankfully we left before it got too busy as it seemed to be a real crush after lunch-time.

This is a cracking picture, unfortunately it's a little blurred but it's taken from my phone so what can you expect ehh?

Strawberry fair spin

I think he's enjoying himself, at least that's what he said wink.