Wednesday, 23 November 2011

No wikipedia allowed!

Got this wrong and it cost us the wipe out round last night in the pub quiz at The Green Dragon.

If you know without checking wikipedia then I'll be blown!

Who counts the journalist Sheena McDonald and Princess Margarita of Romania amongst his ex-girlfriends?

Hint: It's not Russell Brand (which is who I thought it was, sorry chaps!).

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Walter Zorn's ToolTip

Well blow me!

Walter Zorn's tooltip is and was the bees knees in terms of tool tips and I used it extensively when I was doing my dissertation to provide context sensitive help to users. I tried to use it again recently but couldn't find his site despite it coming near the top of searches for tooltips. Then this morning I was looking for a similar thing to use at work but hopefully based on jQuery and I cam across this site (Walter Zorn’s ToolTip with a JQuery Twist).

I found a reference to him being dead on and then found this on his site:

Walter Zorn, the author of this homepage, died in 2009.
We, his familiy and friends decided to make this page available as a static page again for the friends of his homepages.
Please, be aware, that we didn’t create this homepage or any of its content, and therefore we are not able to give technical support.
Walter made the source codes publicly available under the LGPL license, so we expect that any usage of his programs will be in accordance to this license. Walter Zorns copyright notice must be untouched at all times, and must not be removed.

What a bugger! I had a brief emial conversation with him about his tooltip and he struck me as a really nice bloke, R.I.P. Mr Zorn!