Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Word Version

So I've just submitted TMA M255 00 and I needed to check the version of Word that I was using... I guess that I really should have checked the version which I was suing but it was a weird thing from work which I wouldn't trust with a barge-pole (and I've got a barge-pole of my own so a bit the bullet and checked and it's Word 2003, the TMA needs to be submitted in Word 97 .doc format!). So after a little research I found this.

Basically I opened the Word document in Boxer and checked all the odd binary data until I found a string which was nearly English ("Word.Document.8"), then used that as the basis for my search.

Anyway, the information in table form is:

Word.Document.6Word 6
Word.Document.7Word 95
Word.Document.8Word 97
Word.Document.8.5Word 98
Word.Document.9Word 2000
Word.Document.10Word 2002
Word.Document.11Word 2003
Word.Document.12Word 2007

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