Monday, 1 February 2010


Working on learning Python. Seems nice enough. More soon but I thought I’d put this down here as it made me laugh:

“I think that it must be a good investment to do research into elephants belly buttons, If they do get belly button fluff "the Americans call it lint whew, lint is banned in hospitals, but fluff abounds, check your ward drying machine ?. anyway elephant fluff could be used as dusters, like loofhas, or even depilatory swabs dependening on the roughness.Or even sanitary accessories for the dicerning lady. Forget Tenna Lady, "Enter Elephant GIRL" FOR THE LARGER APPENDAGE". and its green friendly, you could advertise or write a jingle "PROTECT YOUR MUFF WITH ELEPHANTS FLUFF".

do you think its a good idea to approach Dragons Den


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