Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Went to London yesterday to see a presentation on "Amazon Web Services: Cloud Computing in Action" organised by the BCS London West Branch and given by Simone Brunozzi, who's a technology evangelist (Cool title, reminds me of Manfred Macx in Charles Stross's Accelerando, except he called himself a venture altruist).

On the whole pretty good though I was slightly disappointed at the lack of technical details. Then again, the audience was pretty evenly split between people who commission code and those that write the code (What would you call these two often distinct groups?), so it must be hard to judge the content correctly; you'll always end up disappointing or baffling one or the other group.

He talked about the main services offered but also said that there were many, many more and there seems to be more and more being developed and released all the time.

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