Saturday, 20 February 2010

This time tomorrow...

... I will no longer be a nurse.

This may not seem like a big thing for many but I'll be losing a shed load of my identity, I can no longer call myself a smoker nor even a vegetarian (Damn you Pepperoni!), nor for that matter, a non-driver!

Sprog #2 reckons that this is par for the course, that when I change a small something I end up changing loads of things at once and my immediate reaction to this was that it just wasn't right but after thinking on it overnight I'm not so sure. When my beard gets too itchy I cut my hair as well as shaving... though that's the only example I can think of at the minute TBH ;-).

Nursing is bloody odd as a career, as a nurse you're little bits of all sorts, acting as all sorts of different things depending upon the needs of your patients/clients. Worth pondering this I reckon...

I will, however, be able to call myself a Cloud Developer. A job title which, if anything, is even cooler than being a nurse!

But I sure will miss the people I've worked with over the past 12 years, I'm even missing them now and I know I'll see a fair few of them tonight. My leaving do was Wednesday night and it was cracking good fun and I have to admit to tearing up at one or two points during the evening. I'm going to keep my card forever as I really don't want to forget any of the cool people I've met and become friends with over the years.

The cherubs even clubbed together and bought me a Wacom Bamboo Touch & Pen! This is so cool and I had been trying to get 'er indoors to get me one for a surprise but I guess the staff I've worked with forever are more able to pick up the hints that I drop than my wife ;-). Hardly surprising as 'er indoors has only know me for a few years where as I've spent more time with Jacky at work than any other person in my whole life, including my Mum!


You bet.

Worried that I've made a terrible mistake?

Not a bleeding chance!

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