Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Happiness is...

I was thinking about this and the sort of things that make me smile when I'm asleep and I came up with the following.

So we live on a boat, a narrowboat, as such the boat is 6'10" wide at it's widest, what with having to have a galley-way the length of the boat, we're limited to something like a Queen sized bed. Neither of us is particularly small so we spoon when we sleep to save one of us falling out.

Enough to make me smile, you might think?

This has been a particularly cold winter so we've a thick quilt on the bed with a cracking second-hand flannelette cover from a mate, which is warm on it's own, let alone around a million-tog quilt. Then another mate offered a candlewick bedspread which was a lovely deep red and reminded me of one my Gran used to have and which had fond memories for me from Xmases when I was small. Needless to say we're very warm.

Enough to make me smile, you might think?

So we're very warm but being not particularly small we generate quite a quantity of heat on our own so, when I'm getting too hot, I stick a leg out from under the heat of the quilt but still under the candlewick bedspread. Best of both worlds.

Enough to make me smile, you might think?

Now the thing is that the candlewick bedspread is heavy, thick and pretty, but it isn't quite up to the job of keeping me toasty warm - after a while my leg will start to feel distinctly chilly and the warmest thing in the bed is her indoors so, spooning as we are, I stick my cool leg against the back of her lovely warm leg and she shivers in her sleep.

That's enough to make me smile in my sleep!

Sometimes I worry about that, but not often.

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