Wednesday, 11 January 2012

King Prawn Curry, Egg-Fried Rice And A Portion Of Chips, Please.

So the first time I ever had a Chinese takeaway, I'm pretty sure it was in Birkenhead, I had the above. Pretty much every time I've had one since I've had the same. Generally speaking if I have an Indian takeaway I'll have King Prawn Korma, Egg-Fried Rice and a Garlic Narn. I'll start with putting the Narn bread on the plate and then put the rice and curry on the Narn. That way the Narn soaks up everything and I'm left with a clean plate after eating the Narn after the curry. The Chinese just gets mixed all up in a big bowl and eaten as quick as.

What's this got to do with anything, I hear you ask in between shaking your head in wonderment, not a great deal except to illustrate that I, like a true Yorkshireman, know what I like and like what I know.

This is except when other people are involved: The Chinese was on a recommendation from the lass I was then courting as I didn't know what to order (I'm sure that there were Chinese takeaways in Huddersfield but there weren't any in the villages where I grew up - and even if there were there'd be no chance of having one, not when there was food to be cooked at home!). I'm not sure where the Indian came from but I'm nigh on positive it was either down to a lass or something I'd read or heard on the wireless.

You'll perhaps be shocked to hear that I have no firm favourites in restaurants or takeaways of other nationalities, except that I do have a penchant for anchovies on my pizzas.

I guess the reason I'm thinking about this just now is that within the 30 seconds prior to putting finger to screen I caught sight of a jar of silver-skin pickled onions that 'er indoors bought for #3 son and a packet of Marmite chocolate.

The onions were bought because #3 really likes pickled onions but really, really likes silver-skin pickled onions - preferably the cheaper the better. I'm pretty sure that that's down to him having eczema, I'm not sure what it is about kids in my family with eczema and pickled onions but there seems to be a distinct correlation between the diagnosis of one and the almost pathological desire for the other... The thing is that the jar is a fancy one, with onions pickled in balsamic vinegar bought in a sale, the thing also is the #3 is not in the least bit keen. Not cheap enough I guess?

I love Marmite and I love chocolate and when 'er indoors said that she'd heard of chocolate with Marmite I was more than keen to try some. Now I wish I hadn't as, while the idea is pretty good, the reality is not so much, not to my mind anyway!

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