Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Rummaging and Pilfering

I've written about Travelodge before, in the previous context I was doing some training for work in London and didn't want to cost them too much money so chose Travelodge. This time I was also conscious of money - not because we're cheap but because I'm almost a stereotypical Yorkshireman - again I'm doing some training for work so Travelodge it was. After all, not all Travelodges can be as utterly crap as the one in London I stayed in last time can they?

You know where this is going don't you?

I'm in the process of giving up smoking but in the meantime I'm reducing my consumption by the use of e-fags from Totally Wicked and as a result the paraphernalia involved gets quite bulky, what with charging equipment for USB, mains and 12V, spare-parts and various e-liquids. So I keep it all in a lovely hessian bag, which I guess is a re-purposed hand-bag curtesy of 'er-indoors.

Thing is that each and every evening I've come back to rest my head after it being crammed full of SalesForce Developer Stuff and the bags been interfered with.

The first time I guessed it might have been knocked over but this evening a zip was left open and the nice needle I use to fill up the e-liquid container was missing... I can only guess why they want a blunt hyperdermic needle!

Needless to say I'll definitely not be going for the cheapest option next time, a little bit of privacy isn't too much to ask for is it? Thankfully I'm with Jeff Jarvis in regards to privacy these days and so live my life in the full expectation that it's lived fully in public... bloody boring too!


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  1. Cheeky buggers, I lost my electric toothbrush in that travellodge, now I'm wondering if some mad employee stole it!