Saturday, 14 January 2012

More Curry

Cracking evening last night with a lovely couple of pints after work with cracking people and then out for a curry at the Bengal Diner, again with cracking old friends and perhaps a little too much wine. The food was brilliant and they don't have a licence so you get to take your own plonk, this effectively means that the wine is brilliant and the bill is small. Eventually got to bed a little after midnight. Up at silly o'clock for pee, paracetamol and lots of water then back to bed where my sleep got disturbed every single time I farted by 'er indoors complaining in some volume about the gaseous eruption transferring its way from my shapely arse onto her belly (Hey, you sleep in a small bed when you're as big as we are and you have to spoon, besides, it was that cold last night that if we hadn't we'd have frozen).

Thing is I woke about 09:45 hrs and thought I'd try something:

"It's cold out there, I'd like you to get up and put the fire on and tell me when it's warm enough for me to get out of bed. Perhaps while you're up you could put the kettle on and get breakfast started?"

Strange thing is that she did... and I've still got my testicles where they should be as well... and now she's tidying the boat - I wonder what she's setting me up for?

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