Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Thus speaketh #3 son:

The very point of waiting is just simply to waste your time until you get what you wanted, until then you carry on slowly wasting your time, your life, slowly wasting away, every second until it all adds up and you realise what a knob you’ve been trying to get the thing you wanted in the first place. Why didn’t you try somewhere else instead of the most unreliable, irritating, and frankly dead boring place in the world? Why didn’t you just give up in the first place knowing that it was an utter waste of time in the first place so you can try and get something else still holding your dignity? Only you know so why didn’t you pointlessly waste your time trying to figure that out instead of being a complete idiot and wasting ages of your life waiting instead of thinking? Thinking is the more important; none of us would be here if we didn’t have it. Whereas waiting is pointless, dull and let’s face it, useless unless you have something to pass the time with, but most people are too busy waiting staring at a small piece of text that says


Although you could be thinking while waiting but probably just thinking about what you’re waiting for, nothing else. Sure, you could try thinking about something else but that probably just means that you should waste your time with that instead of some pointless piece of crap you didn’t need in the first place. And if you try waiting for both then you just wasting more and more of your time, and because the thing you were thinking about is more important you’d probably spend more and more bloody time than before.

Altogether I think that waiting is basically supposed to get people like my pissed off and end up quitting it altogether just to get back at the people who think that you would waste a good half of your day waiting for crap. So to all those people I say NO.

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