Monday, 24 May 2010

4 yesterday

Managed 4 lengths yesterday, 3 on Thursday and only 1.5 on Tuesday.

Not too bad really, considering I've not been swimming in ever such a long time, must be a year or 2 TBH.

Work wise I'm stuck! Did something really rather cool to start with, then went looking at some other APIs and now I'm looking at a BI suite and the learning curve is going way over my head... I'm thinking that it's not so much of a problem once I get my head into another space... I think it's just an existential fear of change going on like when another way of working was introduced when I was working as a nurse. A new paradigm that'll just be like the next one but that'll take a wee while to get my head around. So I'll hold off looking for another job until I've given it a chance. On a plus side it's using Java so that'll help, on a negative side I've started smoking again, on the plus side I'm losing weight, on a negative side I'll die sooner! ARSE!

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