Sunday, 2 August 2009

Gimp Extrude? Blargh!

This was my 1st attempt using Inkscape and it involved my nice bought typeface being "Put on Path" of a bezier curve then copied and moved down a little with the two layers being filled with different colours:

First attempt

My 2nd attempt - after trying and trying and finally failing to find a Extrude Filter for The GIMP (thus the "Blargh!") - involved a different program's extrude function but with the same two colours but it is ever so much better:

Second attempt

The 3rd, and I think final, attempt used the same programs extrude function but with lighting effects. Much better and will hopefully stand out ever so much more:

Third attempt

And here, just because I like animations, is all three combined with the power of The GIMP:

All three attempts

What is the Hex value of "MAILBOX RED" from B&Q? After taking a picture of the paint with the lid off and checking the hex value using the dropper tool it looks to be #FF2718, or rgb(255, 39, 24), and not #FF0000 as I was expecting.

Forth attempt

Gold is apparently #FFD700 (rgb(255, 215, 00)) or #FFCC33 (rgb(255, 204, 51)).


Fifth attempt with gold

UMM Gold:

Sixth attempt with UMM gold

Last one for now:

What it should look like!

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