Sunday, 26 July 2009

Perfect Water Filtration System for a Live-A-Board

In Thursday's Guardian IT supplement there was a fantastic article about Dean Kamen. I sort of remember a little about his water filtration system, which is apparently now code-named Slingshot, on an online video and I was fascinated by it, not least because the water on the boat was so undrinkable at the time! Try as I might I couldn't find out anything about it but it now seems as though the reason was is that it was a prototype and not available. The idea of having something with about the same mass as the water tank on the boat but that would create unlimited water from a source as oft-times filthy as the Cam was cool! It didn't seem as though it'd take much in the way of electricity either!

Then After looking at his website I came across his Sterling Engine design. All of my power and water requirements met in two handy packages... except... again it's a prototype!

There are plenty of cowpats on Stourbridge Common now that we've a load of bullocks grazing (It's why I have to leave my shoes outside). How cool would it be to get them all drying out in the beautiful Cambridge summer sun and burn 'em to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the methane... not to mention saving the diesel I use going up to the end of Stourbridge common or Jesus Green every fortnight to fill up with fresh, potable, water. Could even use the Sterling Engine to provide for my limited electrical needs? I guess, what with it providing heat, I could cook with it and get rid of the Calor gas? Though we're doing pretty well on that front as it goes, at least until it goes up in price again.

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