Monday, 17 October 2005

Listen to your Dad

Bloody great big hole. These pictures were taken after it rained, rained lots! We were on our way back from school and the heavens opened, putting down so much water that the poor drains on Riverside couldn't cope. The water pressure forced the drain cover up, I'm thinking, and gravity pushed it back down into the hole that was left.

You can see the drain cover in the last image, under the water.

My poor youngest ended up falling in, number 2 rode over it and shredded his back wheel but number 3 couldn't control his bike (hardly surprising really - if it weren't for my avoiding puddles like the plague I'd have lost control too!) and he ended up half-submerged in the drain... poor mite!

The bike is there both for scale and to warn other road users of the danger... you wouldn't have believed the number of people who got nasty about us blocking the road, guess we should have made out merry way home and let the daft buggers fall in...?

1st image:

2nd image:

3rd image:

Here's a lesson for you kids: If'n your old man says don't ride in the puddles; listen to the old codger wink!

This picture was taken around about the same time on my way into work around about the Beehive Centre... Red sky at night and all that!

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