Friday, 7 October 2005

A cool book and DVD

Brought my lovely boat back today from being painted. I'm grateful for the use of a house for a week or 3 but I've gotta say I'm happy to be back in my own home, and it's a lovely colour now too! Black on the sides and light-grey on the top... wonder what the hex values are of those? Finally finished Anil's site and caught the beautiful Appleseed on DVD... had a busy old time of things really.

Finished a cool book as well, The Risen Empire by Scott Westerfield. It really is excellent and proper space opera fare, sounds a lot like the review of Serenity I heard on Radio 4 earlier today that. There's an excellent write up on the back of the book talking about, "the precision of a surgeon's scalpel and the wild abandon of a machete", from Wil McCarthy. Couldn't agree more really, an excellent read full-stop.

Next week I'll get back to my dissertation... honest!

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