Sunday, 31 July 2005

To Mac or not to Mac

Well, after many, many, many expensive upgrades I've fanally got Mac OS X running on a graphite clamshell iBook. Goodness me it looks lovely too wink. It's only Panther but anything more modern won't work I'm afraid... ahh well.

I keep getting pestered to join the .Mac thing and have an iDisk on the interweb or something but I'm not too sure about that really as it seems a bit of a faff. May well be worth it for online storage but I've got my website and ftp access for that anyway... we'll see ehh?

I do like Macs though and it almost feels like I've actually got Linux running on a laptop when I play with the lovely little bugger. Cost an arm and a leg and took bloody ages too, so I guess it's almost like getting Linux running on a laptop really wink. Could do with upgrading the HDD as it's only 6 and a bit GB... small ehh? Remember when that'd seem like tonnes? Just had to upgrade my external HDD solution to 50GB so that I've enough space... we'll be drowning in storage soon! Would like my own server really but that'll just have to wait for a bit wink.

In terms of the other stuff that I was talking about in my previous post it seems as though the consequences of the lie aren't all that bad really. Was getting all ready to change my life and making plans up to here but now I'm going back to normal... can't help but think of it as something of an anti-climax really *shrug*.

Nice picture to be getting on with though!

likkle swans

...and a battery on it's way to the dump:


Take it easy until next time...

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