Wednesday, 17 August 2005

33 today!

Well, it's nigh on half-past midnight so I guess that I'm officially 33 now...? 33 and bald as a very bald thing too!

When they say on a bottle of Immac that it's not to be used anywhere else other than legs they're not messing about, when they say that you're not to use it on broken skin they're not talking rot either!

To sum up: Putting the best part of a bottle of hair-removal cream on your head as a radical cure for near-terminal dandruff isn't a good idea. You leave it the prescribed 5 minutes and your hair doesn't come away nicely with the applicator thingy... it turns into some sort of strange rubbery goo and you pray that you've not put some on your eyebrows by accident, and you're left rubbing the remainder off like you did when you were at school and you purposefully covered your hands in glue just so you could rub it off when it dried... or maybe that was just me? That and the stinging isn't to be recommended, I can tell you.

Still, live and learn ehh...? wink

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