Monday, 29 July 2019

Been a busy boy

I've just had a busy old weekend and managed to get my digital counter working with CSS animations. I have been wanting to do this for ages but haven't had the time to research the technique correctly. It's here, and I'm quite pleased with the result despite it taking a shed load of tweaking to get right.

I've also caught up some on updated p5 implementations from WireFrame, and I've added three projects to the site hosted by GitHub, all to do with mazes. The first uses an algorithm to generate a maze, and I got lost in the C implementation but found a set of videos from The Coding Train that went through the steps required. I've pretty much stolen them but made them a little more ES6y. The second draws the view of a character navigating a maze, and I'm impressed with the cheating in terms of the images used to illustrate the perspective required. The third and final one also cheats by using images to build up a semi-3D illustration of a landscape and was lots of fun (you can navigate using the arrow keys)!

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