Friday, 1 August 2014

I want a SodaStream

I've always wanted a SodaStream! Ever since I were wee I've wanted a SodaStream but when I were wee we couldn't afford one - now, when I might be able to afford one for my birthday, I can't justify buying one... and can I find an alternative? I dare say there are alternatives from the US but the postage would double the price whereas Cutlacks in Ely have them there... right on the shelf!

I've seen the posts on FaceBook complaining about the actions of Israel in Palestine and I'm left feeling a wee bit helpless... a little like how I feel driving past an accident... I don't want to rubber-neck or I might see something 'orrible and I then might throw-up. I've seen the posts shared by my conspiracy-theorist son and grinned at the fruit not falling that far from the tree... but still felt like I want to look away. What's my outrage going to do to stop innocent people dying in Palestine - or anywhere else for that matter? All I can do is refuse to upgrade Mellel... and not buy a SodaStream. I love Mellel, I wrote my dissertation on it and fell in love with it then, but it's written in Israel so I can't upgrade (hey, I don't have a Mac anymore but I'd think about installing a virtual machine with OSX on it if Israel would stop taking the hands of innocent people and smacking them in the face with them, all the while saying: "Stop slapping yourself"). So while I love Mellel and would, hands-down, recommend it for people who write on Macs... I can't suggest you buy it :-(.

So I'm saddened - or at least I would be if I could bear to look at the reality of the situation long enough - but I'm not gonna do anything apart from not upgrade Mellel or buy a SodaStream... Yay for middle-class angst!

I'm even starting to go off Scarlett Johansson and I'm wondering if I should boycott Lucy...? That might be a step too far though.

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