Friday, 29 August 2014

gMusic on Opera

Some little time ago I created a wee little thing that allowed me to control the playback of music within Google Music from the top bar of my Chrome browser. After a near disaster upgrading Chrome to 37 I ended up having to use Opera again to stop me swearing at the computer too much. I really missed my little tool so I re-wrote it to work on Opera and submitted it for publication. I have to say that their moderation process is HARD. I was initially annoyed with this but after thinking about it I guess it makes sense. There have been criticisms of Google for allowing all sorts of malicious extensions to be installed on Chrome but from what I can gather the folks at Opera are much more critical - I had to remove an extraneous folder and use Opera specific screen shots for the posting. The folder removal resulted in a much slimmer extension so that can't be bad and the screen shots show the extension in action on Opera rather than Chrome so I guess that that makes a lot of sense. Anyway, it's finally been published. If you use Opera give it a go

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