Thursday, 27 February 2014

Breaded Mushrooms

Apart from freezing Jerusalem Artichokes yesterday - while waiting for access token to expire (got that working... auto-refresh of SalesForce oauth credentials when there's been no activity for 3 hours and a request has been made!) I decided to use up the mushrooms we had in the fridge. I'm a bit odd when it comes to mushrooms as I can't stand the texture when they've been cooked in some ways so I did a wee search on Google and found this recipe: Breaded Mushrooms (the trial).

I baked a crust that we had in the freezer and crushed the resulting toast-like bread with some grated and dried parmigiana. Then I washed the mushroom, patted them dry, dipped them in self-raising flour (the only flour I could find in the cupboard), rolled them in beaten egg and then covered them all over in the breadcrumb stuff. About 10 minutes in the air-fryer with a shake half way through and they were done... and very nice too!

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