Sunday, 26 June 2011

Chased by a herd of cows

I've mentioned before the penchant 'er-indoors has for things that make odd, often random, noises here. Thankfully there is no longer a killer machine in the bathroom! Ohh no, I'm safe from being annihilated by Summer Glau (imagine me rubbing my thighs and leering wickedly right about now)... now I've got to contend with being chased by cows!

For some reason, only know to 'er, she decided that it'd be useful to have the SatNav moo when the car is going over the speed limit!

I've given up trying to understand quite why she does these things... perhaps it's because she's just had a speeding ticket (that makes 2 now)? As I say, I don't want to know why she did it, I just want to know how to turn it off as, whenever I'm in the car, it sounds like I'm being chased by a herd of cows - a herd of cows actually in the car!

Yesterday though I solved the problem, yesterday I realised that it only moos when you go over the limit, it doesn't keep on mooing while you're over the limit, just when you go over a given threshold. Happy days are here with consistant speeding!

Either that or I could keep within the speed limit?

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