Sunday, 28 March 2010

Attacked ‘b Terminator

So living aboard we’ve a Thetford Loo. These come with cassettes that need emptying, in our case bi-weekly. In the meantime they get fuller and fuller and smellier and smellier so ‘er-in-doors has tried any number of ways of making the boat smell nice, this has ranged from Potpourri to scented candles. So far so smelly... until this week when she got some electronic thing that sets off when it notices movement. A motion sensitive Glade thing or something.

It's not actually all that bad except that the smell just masks the other smells so it's a bit like putting perfume on a turd, that and it sets itself off every time I enter the loo (being motion activated) - sounding like some sort of piston on a mad Steampunk bio-mechanical creation dreamed up by China Miéville, or on a clunky Terminator (not like the nice one played by Summer Glau). Actually that does sound sort of bad really. It leaves me smelling perfumed turds and terrified… I think that this is one of those things that might find its way into the bin when she’s not watching!


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