Thursday, 25 November 2010

Move Window & SendTo Menu

I'm not sure why but I'm forever finding Windows just at the edge of the screen so I can't see what's on them... a quick Google always find a solution but in the interests of not making Google my brain I've decided to write down here the solution:,/p>

  1. Hold down the ALT key.
  2. Press SPACEBAR.
  3. Press M (Move).
  4. A 4-headed arrow will appear. When it does, use your arrow keys to move the outline of the window.
  5. When you are happy with its position, press ENTER.

Another thing I keep having to Google is the location of the SendTo Menu, so here it is:


Nuff said about this!

The other thing I need to remind myself is the SendTo.

It's relatively easy to get a Visual Studio Installer to create a shortcut within the SendTo menu directory (see above), if a little convoluted but to get that shortcut to show is less easy... in fact it's a bit of a killer! Which is where Orca comes in handy (Orca - The Killer Whale... geddit?).

Open the msi, select the Property table and add another row with a Property of DISABLEADVTSHORTCUTS and a Value of 1. Save and exit and the next time the installer runs then the shortcut will appear in the right-click context menu.

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