Thursday, 18 November 2010

Devilishly good!

Got this for an early Xmas present and used it yesterday with #3 son. We only had cheese and veggie ham with some veggie worcester sauce (what’s going on with the spelling there, I thought it was Worcestershire – it is!) or cheese and prosciutto with some baked beans and coleslaw - but it was lovely. One of the things I miss about living on dry-land is the lack of mains electricity, no Microwaves, toasters or sandwich toasters (or TVs for that matter) but this makes it all okay as I can still have toasted sandwiches! Yay!

It comes with a leaflet full of recipe ideas but I can’t bring myself to do the sweet recipes… toasted sandwiches should be savoury and not sweet! As should, thinking about it, French toast – though Wikipedia doesn’t agree. I find there is little better in life that French toast covered in Ketchup or Brown Sauce. I’ve a theory about the age of children and their taste in French toast condiments: when they’re young they invariably choose Ketchup but you can chart their maturity by the propensity to opt for HP. I’d be interested in your opinion of this theory as I’ve a limited dataset with which to work.

Also finished Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth yesterday. A lot like the Professor Layton DS games but with somewhat easier puzzles, which is why it only took me a couple of days to complete it. Didn’t like the Sliding Puzzles though managed them, more than likely due to brute force attacks rather than any strategy.

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