Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The problems with tea-tree and gravity

I love the feeling of tea-tree shampoo on my head... a bit like having a million pins pushed into my scalp slowly, exciting and just on the nice side of painful (now that does make me worry). So I got all excited when I found some nice tea-tree shower-gell. I thought that that, along with a buf puf, might make for a lovely, invigorating shower!

Unfortunately, the astringent property of the buf puf combined with the aforementioned "million pins" qualities of the tea-tree led to some little discomfort. A scrotal sac has, even at my advanced age, a lot less surface area than a scalp (especially at my advanced age - interesting thought there: if the number of wrinkles increases on your scalp, does that mean that the surface area of your scalp increases... and does that rate of increase match the rate of increase of the old scrote caused by gravity?), but quite probably the same or even many, many more nerve endings.

Needless to say I stopped using it!

Except that on Monday I thought I'd try to wake myself out of a nigh on terminal case of man-flue with a hair wash using the tea-tree shower-gell, and some nice, gentle stuff on the rest of me... I didn't count on gravity - and the action of the water rinsing off of me - to transport the god-forsaken tea-tree oil down the rest of my body though! It woke me up all right, but it was a bit of a rude awakening!

It's in the bin now!

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