Monday, 25 October 2010


I've been learning C# for a week or four and a lot of the examples I've looked at deal with Point values… these are to do with Co-ordinate systems. I like co-ordinate systems generally - I'd not like SVG as much as I do if I didn't - but I'm not totally au fait with the lingo in this respect so when I came across this:

The easiest way to construct a Point is to pass two integers as the abscissa and the ordinate parts of the coordinate...

I nigh on shat!

After a bit of judicious define:ing though, I discovered that the abscissa is the “the value of a coordinate on the horizontal axis”… cool ehh? The ordinate is simply the other number.

Having said this I do get a little confused with these systems as I’m pretty sure that SVG and the Canvas use different co-ordinate systems (Nope, that’s wrong, they both count down from the top, as does Processing (the next thing I need to play with))… wonder what I could have been thinking of…?

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