Sunday, 8 August 2010

Lucky Boy

I am ever such a lucky boy!

Got my birthday present early and it's a PRS-300. How cool!

I tried the Sony software but I've gone over to Calibre as I really, really don't want DRM content on anything that I own, I now have to find a decent store where I can buy content though...? I tried Diesel for some stuff but they didn't have what I wanted for sale in the UK, arse!

Seems like even if you can find content legally the powers-that-be get all twitched about licensing issues and things go pear-shaped. I know that licensing and DRM are something of a hot-potato (I seriously considered joining the UK Pirate Party) but I now work within the field of sculpting bits to do what I want and I wouldn't want someone to take the code that I write and make money from it without recompense, but all the same...

I read TeleRead regularly and I know that slowly things are getting straightened out but it can't come quick enough for me.

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