Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Burnt ankles

On Saturday (21/08/2010) we went kayaking, and it was top - what wasn't top was that we/I went without sun-cream!

Now, #3 had been in the water for much of the previous week so he was reasonably protected, that and him jumping in the water regularly meant that he was perhaps the least affected.

#2 had been wandering around outside a lot and had been at the beach as well so he was a little more burnt, especially on his legs.

#1 was more burnt especially on his shoulder, but what with him being 17 we didn't insist that he keep his shirt on... figuring that he was old enough to make his own decisions about his skin... like his Dad!

After trying to ram another boat we (me and #3), smacked right into a canyon wall and he nearly discovered what it would be like to be crushed by his Dad... whereas I discovered what it'd be like to run my bum down a funnel-shaped, blunt, plastic cheese-grater! Just as well it was funnel shaped though or the last thing going through his head as he smacked into stone wall would of been my arse!

And after catching a glancing blow from another canyon wall to the left of my head and capsizing a treat (lost me trousers, sunglasses and shoes - though managed to get my shoes back!) I started to smell an odd burning smell... little realising that it was the smell of my inner legs burning due to the configuration of the kayak.

I've got a cracking set of blisters on my ankles now... I'll have a wee dram later on in order to work up enough courage to lance them and finally be able to walk properly:


Just been told to call NHSDirect by her-indoors and they said that I need to raise my legs until the swelling in my ankles goes down (I feel bloody ridiculous... and pregnant!) and pop the blisters (YUCK! I WAS the wrong sort of nurse to be happy about that!) and dress the burns with non-lint dressings (It's not for nothing that I WAS the wrong sort of nurse! I'm going to end up looking like a B movie Mummy dressed by half a dozen kids suffering from ADHD and wired on Caffeine enriched beverages!).

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