Friday, 30 July 2010

4 or 5 booze adverts

We used to have Cineworld Unlimited cards but got naffed off with being covered with popcorn and having to listen to mobile phone ring tones and teenagers talking through films so we went up-market and became members of the Arts Picturehouse.

A much nicer clientele and no ring tones nor popcorn!

All good so far except on Sunday when we went to see Inception with #3 son (10) and we were confronted with 4 or 5 adverts selling alcohol in the 1st 23 minutes or so. Now we had a discussion the week before about whether or not someone who drank a beer with his tea could be called an alcoholic (Cheers son), and came to the conclusion that if you didn't need a drink with your breakfast you were generally okay. So he's reasonably drinkaware, he's also reasonably savvy about advertising and knows that one of the reasons why he's so into Dominio's Pizzas is that they sponsor The Simpsons. And he also noticed the number of adverts!

Now I'm not sure that the adverts add anything to the experience, we've paid our subs and bought membership so why do we have to see adverts at all? And why so many adverts for alcohol?

Not impressed Arts Picturehouse, not at all, I'll be thinking twice when it comes time to renew my membership!

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