Monday, 1 March 2010

Like tears in the rain...

Such a cool video via The Brothers Brick

Blade Runner - Tears in Rain (in LEGO) from Zach Macias on Vimeo.

The M255 tutorial on Saturday was a blast, especially as I knew nearly all the stuff being discussed, guess that's just as well seeing as I've done it before. It's just that last time I wasn't at all impressed with the language, nor the approach if I'm honest. I don't know why, perhaps it was because I'd just looked at PHP and databases and was so very impressed with the power that they represented that OOP just seemed so crass?

I also got chided that I was using the wrong language, I use Object Orientated Programming where as it should be Object Oriented Programming, go figure, I never knew I was using foreign slang!

Spent Saturday night at Fakenham and went to the Cinema there on Sunday afternoon to watch Youth In Revolt which was top. I'm sure that I have laughed more in a film, but not often. Well worth a look if you have the opportunity.

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