Saturday, 24 October 2009

Busy old week

Just had a busy old week what with taking my driving test on Thursday the 22nd October 2009 and packing in smoking.

Passed with only the one fault (You're allowed up to 15 I think - just checked and you can, "make up to 15 driving faults and still pass the test (16 or more results in failure).") and it was the one of the best results my instructor, Mark Crisp, had ever had he said.

So, seeing as I'm now a proper grown-up I decided to stop the fags. I visited CAMQUIT on the Tuesday and got a prescription for 24-hour patches, also had some old gum that I bought for plane flights and such (such as not needing to relinquish my seat in the library) and some lozenges that you're supposed to take when the need for a fag becomes too intense. I've also got an e-cigarette... at least I would have if I knew where the bugger is!

Apparently it's not possible to OD on nicotine, but I'm gonna have a bloody good try.

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