Wednesday, 7 January 2009

SDHC formating

I keep killing SDHC cards cards in my Eeepc; I keep killing 'em where I haven't got admin rights to a Windows machine so I need to keep going back to google and searching for how to do it via the command line (re-reading Snow Crash!) on the said Eeepc. I've been doing this so many times that I thought I'd write down the process and save myself some time in the future:

Insert the card (make sure it's not cold or for some reason my Eeepc doesn't recognize that a card has been inserted...

/home/user> sudo mount

This will show where the SDHC card is mounted, usually (all the times I've done this but YMMV) it'll be /dev/sdb1.

/home/user> sudo umount /dev/sdb1
/home/user> sudo fdisk /dev/sdb1

We need to delete anything that is there and then create a new primary partition (keeping hitting "m" for ideas of how to do this) we then need to write this to the disk. Then we need to eject the card and reinsert it and do this:

/home/user> sudo mkfs.vfat -c -F 32 /dev/sdb1

That should be it though it's worth noting that sometimes we'll need to delete any existing partitions before creating new ones. Odd things SDHC cards, just wish I knew how I manage to keep killing 'em.

This story about child elopers nigh on made me melt.


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