Friday, 1 June 2007

Small stuff

I want one of these, I really do need one of these, they're tiny little washing machines that use no electricity and would be just too cool for me living on a boat... and not wanting to go to the laundrette for fear of being accosted by some piss head.

This one is from Lehmen's and is called the "Wonder Clean".

But this one is from the Laundry Alternative and is called the Wonder Wash.

Lehman's is cool but I'm not overly sure about their shipping policy though...

I got the free version of Morpheus Photo Morpher off of a cover disk and have been playing. These pictures of the kids are well old so should be reasonably safe I reckon. and I like how their faces aren't all that different really:

Sprog's faces morphing

This is one of me, believe it or not wink, I think I was a little the worse for wear:

30 Years on 15 seconds

After visiting Crick I saw some lamps and then came across this site: Den Haan, I wonder if they sell to the UK direct?

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