Saturday, 21 January 2006

Slow going

Ajax is doing my poor likkle head in! I did loads of work last week on my days off and I tried, I really tried, to do some while at work - but I justcouldn't do it! Don't know what was the matter but it really did mess my poor head up a lot.

Decided to do some collation work instead and got the 1st Appendix in shape (Imaginatively called Appendix01.pdf). Basically it is all the old stuff to do with the dissertations development. Basically it is old and nasty and I don't like it - not least because it uses txtdb, which in and of itself isn't such a bad thing as it uses a .txt file as a database, but it is so very slow... of course my noobie knowledge of coding didn't help much in terms of making the programs run faster, I'm so much better now - yet I've still got such a long way to go (I even noticed that some of the html outputted by my early work isn't W3C compliant... now that simple wouldn't do today! I'm so happy that I then converted to MySQL and thence to SQLite... Just goes to show you ehh?

The 2nd Appendix still needs a little work as I've not quite sorted out the files that'll need to go in it. But I'm getting there slowly, I guess I'll stick that on when I'm at work next as I dare say I'll not feel up to working then either sad.

What else is happening? Not a lot really... coming up to January the 23rd, so look after yourself ehh? I'm not Catholic but that was about the best link I could find wink.

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