Wednesday, 30 November 2005


What a really cool idea Oxfam Unwrapped is! There was a thing on radio 4 yesterday morning slagging it off but I think it is the bees knees. You can buy something for someone that'll do some good somewhere else! If it's the thought that counts then it is a pretty neat thought I think... but then again I guess I would wouldn't I wink

What I'm also doing at the minute (apart from justifying myself in a blog), is listening to computer science podcasts. They're brilliant and I'm enjoying 'em (the podcasts) as much as I did the first days of my course... if not a little bit more really.

I'm also getting to grips with NeoOffice/J for the mac as my tutor likes footnotes and Mellel just won't play with 'em I'm afraid. It's a crying shame as well as I love the program and it's as fast as lightening on my machine. I'm not overly happy with the complexity of NeoOffice as it seems to be as feature rich as Word... something I'm not overly pleased with really.

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