Friday, 18 November 2005


This is where my literature review is living at the minute. I'm aiming for about 3-4K words on the bugger as its worth about 25% of the mark for my dissertation. Enjoying it so far but will need to be done by Xmas. Will finish off the internet thing soon then going to have a look at the browser wars... then gonna have a squint at AJAX and look at the state of the literature there... I've finally managed to find some references for it but they're mostly in low grade sources such as .NET magazine. Not that .NET magazine is pants, quite the opposite really as I get it nigh on every month, it's just that it's not exactly an academic journal.

There are a fair few references in newspapers as well but mostly we'll be looking at blogs and podcasts (Still need to look at how to reference a podcast wink.)

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