Monday, 12 September 2022

Sorting colours is a pain!

I've written before about sorting colours, and this got me thinking about some work I'm doing in terms of converting some CSS to SCSS (with the proper use of CSS variables, I must add).

As such, I've been wading through some CSS, extracting colours, and then popping them into a :root CSS pseudo-class. I do this by looking for `#` and popping the colour into the function as and when I find them. The resulting text is well messy! I thought it couldn't be that hard to sort them similarly as employed in Google Sheets; so I came up with CSSColourSorter, which you're more than welcome to use or steal/borrow as you see fit.

It works by pasting in your whole :root directive - you'll then need to copy and paste the resulting test into your CSS/SCSS as noted before, though, sorting colours is a pain!

I've added a swatch beneath the textareas so you can see the new spectrum - mainly to check that I was doing things right!

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