Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Cross the floor, please!

Quite frankly, we're in a pretty terrible situation in this country, and I've been trying to think of how we could get out of it. Last week I got to thinking about how to remove our MP (Lucy Frazer); I've written to her a couple of times in the past and always received a reply - she even sent a follow up when it came to Ukraine, so I sort of have semi-positive vibes about her (despite her political party). After reading up though, it seems as though there's no way I, as a constituent, can remove her, despite being the one to pay her wages; the PM can, but not I as someone who she's is supposed to represent. The salient parts of the Recall of MPs Act 2015:

...the Speaker of the House of Commons would trigger the recall process, namely:

  • A custodial prison sentence (including a suspended sentence)
    • Note that MPs imprisoned with sentences greater than one year are automatically removed due to the Representation of the People Act 1981
  • Suspension from the House of at least 10 sitting days or 14 calendar days, following a report by the Committee on Standards;
  • A conviction for providing false or misleading expenses claims.

As I noted, though, I don't hate her, I wouldn't say I like her policies and her support for our disaster of a PM, but she always struck me as being reasonable; misguided perhaps, but generally pretty decent. But things are getting serious now.

So, we can't remove her unless she seriously messes up according to the Recall of MPs Act 2015, but what else would trigger a by-election?

According to parliment:

A by-election is held when a seat becomes vacant. This can happen when an MP:

  • resigns or dies
  • is declared bankrupt
  • takes a seat in the House of Lords
  • is convicted of a serious criminal offence.

A by-election does not have to take place if an MP changes political party.

Let's take those one-by-one - I don't want her dead, and I can't see her resigning soon. I can't see her being short of a few bob. I can't see her moving into the Lords or being convicted of a serious criminal offence. It's that there last sentence, though. I'm pretty sure the Liberal Democrats would welcome her - and in light of the probably local voting pattern in any future election - it's likely to be the only way she can retain her seat in the Commons. And what's more, no by-election would be triggered either.

Now, who's shell-like should I whisper this to?

Why leave it at that - the current working majority is 75 - we'd only need a few Conservatives to either see the writing on the wall - or grow a conscience - before we could oust our PM. Christian Wakeford did it and 148 have no confidence in Johnson, if only a third of those voted with their feet and joined another party, then we might be on the start of recovering.

Might it be time for our MPs to stand up for their constituents rather than bolstering the reign of lying Johnson (I do like Rory Stewart - the Tories messed up by not electing him!)?

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