Thursday, 28 April 2022

Unconscious Bias

We just had a work based session on unconscious bias, and while I didn't contribute, I got to thinking about my own unconscious bias. I believe my unconscious bias has been mostly burnt out; let me explain: The good and bad thing about being from Yorkshire (and being raised by my Ma) is that I grew up hating everyone! It wasn't a race, religion, ability or gender thing; it was everyone: people from other countries, counties, towns or villages; even people who lived on different streets or who lived on our street in a different house, sometimes even people in our home, and quite possibly, ourselves.

It was only once I left Yorkshire (and grew up some more) that I clocked that, on the whole, I like everyone. This realisation was firmed up by my early career and the odd personality test, which indicated I was more gregarious than curmudgeonly.

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