Sunday, 29 March 2020

A Third Alternative: Distributism

Last night, as so often happens at all times of the day, I got to arguing about politics and economics with my mate. I've mentioned to her that we seem to be two people suffering from Bi-polar; when she's feeling positive, I'm cynical and vice versa. We talked about possible solutions to what's bound to happen to the UK economy as a result of the double blow of Brexshit and CORVID-19. Last night I must've been on the upwards part of our cycle as I was proposing something along the lines of Labour Party before their defeat in the election last year. She was expecting more taxation and austerity, and the resulting loss of life was just far too miserable to envisage.

The beer I'd had must've made me poor game though, as I wasn't arguing enough or wasn't arguing with enough vigour. We're both Sci-Fi aficionados, and I had just finished the last episode of Picard so was more hopeful that a solution could be found which wouldn't leave us all in the shite. Eventually, I threw in the towel and went to a drunken bed. In the meantime, the star that she is, decided to find an alternative between Capitalism and Socialism and sent me this article, which I read this morning: Neither Capitalism Nor Socialism: A Third Alternative.

I've read it, and I recommend you do too. We did, along with some others, sort of kick around something a few years back, which was sort of like a worker co-operative - but it never got past the planning stage. Distributism seems very similar and kind of looks a little like an extreme form Balkanisation (is it just me or does Adam Robert's New Model Army look more and more likely?). It's tempting, but I'm not sure how it would work in terms of other requirements such as refuse collection, provision of healthcare and all those sorts of things. It would also mean people would need to shift allegiances from larger organisations to smaller ones. I've been in enough pubs and clubs when the football is on to know that that might be problematic.

Technologically there are movements to this sort of thing with things like the increased adoption of domestic Solar Power and Tesla's Powerwall. It's all very tantalising, and one can imagine plans for 3D printers being available rather than having to shift things via the roads. Or drone delivery, that might work? As you can doubtless tell, I like Sci-Fi, and I've found that having children and grandchildren means I'm more inclined to be positive; I'd like them to be able to grow up!

Just don't get us discussing UBI, as we'll be arguing until the cows come home! Despite both of us reading Guy Standing and Rutger Bregman.

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