Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Pin Tweaks

A mate shared an article with me a little while back about Sci-Fi, one particular quote stood out:

Science fiction wasn’t about evading reality – it was a literary anthropology which made our own society into a foreign culture which we could stand back from, reflect on, and change.

I've always been a fan of this sort of thing, and you just need to take a squint at Star Trek to clock that the Klingons were thinly disguised Russians during the Cold War (a good read on this subject is here).

Along with the fun and critical thinking that is associated with the genre itself, the people who write about it are also clever wee buggers, not opposed to some critical thought on related subjects. This article on my RSS feed caught my eye this morning. If you've managed not to meet or love someone with Dementia or some other degenerative neurological condition which leaves the body there, but slowly erodes the brain, then count yourself blessed. Whether you have or not, this discussion of Twin Peaks is well worth a read.

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