Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Gym in the Winter

It's cold in the UK at the minute, but I've rediscovered long johns. I used to wear them all the time when we lived aboard (in fact I used to put on more clothes than I took off for bed), but it's been a couple of years since I've felt the need.

They're lovely and warm, and my feet are warm more often than not these days, but going to the gym is becoming an issue. Quite apart from the looks I get from other people in the changing room when I get ready for my workout, the problem of getting dressed afterwards is a pain.

The thing is that I go not only to work out but to spend time in the steam room so when I do get ready, I change into trunks and shorts. When I finish my workout, I remove everything except the trunks, have a shower and then get hot and sweaty.

But when I get back, I shower and get changed and have to put on loads of layers without any of them getting any wetter then they got on my cycle to the gym, which is no mean feat! I've finally figured out the way to do it though. Once I've got my undies on I get my shoes, socks, long johns and trousers all in place beside me. Dry one foot thoroughly put on one sock, then long johns on one leg (the socks help stop the long johns disappearing up my leg while I cycle), then my trousers on the same leg. After the long johns and strides are put on, the remaining "leg" is bunched in my lap to keep dry. Finally, my shoe goes on, and my foot goes to the floor. Then the other foot is lifted and dried, and the same process is repeated for that leg, what a faff! But it does save the bottom half of my clothes from getting even wetter than usual!

Every once in a while I go to Yoga afterwards, and that process involves having a pair of shorts put on betwixt the undies and the long johns (no one wants to see long johns on underneath shorts at Yoga, I'd look like some geriatric superhero).

I'm not sure why I wrote this, except it tickles me.

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