Sunday, 22 April 2018

A new outdoor venue for Witchford Archers

One of the things that always impresses me about Witchford Archers is just how well we work together! Last year when we had to move venue, we worked like crazy to move all of our kit. While it might seem that all we do is shoot, and drink afterwards, in the background, there's so much activity it makes me positive about humanity!
We prepared our new outdoor venue yesterday. Nick has moved heaven and earth to secure the playing fields at Sutton C of E (VC) Primary School as a lovely place to shoot when the sun's out. Yesterday we made significant progress with building a... shed doesn't do it justice, to be honest as it's a work of art!
Designed and architected by Alan and Chris loads of work went into sourcing and preparing materials as cheaply as possible.
Aided my Derek, Nick, Oliwia and Dominic it was erected in a lovely shady spot in the playing fields over the course of Saturday the 21st of April 2018. The following show just what was accomplished!

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