Monday, 20 April 2015

Props for prop

I've been doing a lot of adding to the DOM using jQuery of late (don't ask - my preferred method using jsrender wouldn't work) and as such I've had to remember how to set a checkbox value dynamically.

Generally speaking I create a blank object and pass it an object to give it its attributes but that just doesn't work with checked... things got even stranger when I clocked that my inputs needed to be nested within a div so I decided that I'd create my blank node, pass it its attributes and then chain a prop call (which takes a true or false value) and came up with this:

var contravention = false
    .append($("<div></div>", {
        "id": "contravention"})
        .append($("<label></label>", {
            "for": "contravention",
            "text": "Contravention"
        .append($("<input/>", {
            "value": "true"
        }).prop("checked", contravention)

The indentation helped a lot as well! Demo here.

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