Friday, 20 December 2013


I love music, I really do, which is just as well seeing as I'm tone deaf. #1 son makes and produces music and some of it is really to my taste (very little not TBH) so along with SoundCloud I've tried most of the online music services going. Rdio was lovely but I found Spotify a wee bit intrusive... then Google Music came along and I was in heaven. A wee few squid a month means I get to listen to nigh on anything that takes my fancy... and I do do so... all day long! As well as all the music I've been collecting since my adolescence. Coding with music should really be obligatory!

Thing is though, I do need to talk to other people sometimes and I end up losing the Google Music tab while I'm away with the music fairies. I end up getting reminded that there's a meeting or a scrum that I need to attend and whilst I can always go without pausing the music I find that my headphones (without my head between the speakers to muffle the sound) tend to distract others with that there tinny noise! Thus I decided to spend a few days of my annual leave creating a remote control in the form of a Chrome Extension. It should just display a play/pause icon that, when clicked, plays or pauses the music I'm listening to.

It seems to work for me but I reckon that the whole spirit of opensource should mean that if anyone else can see an improvement then I should embrace it - thus it's hosted on GitHub. Please do take it and play, but please do help others by sending your enhancements back.

Eventually I'll work up the bottle to submit it to the Chrome Store but I think I need to do a wee bit more research along the way yet.

UPDATE [21/12/2013]: Research is done and the extension is now available on the Chrome Store here: gMusic.

Cool ehh?

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